This Is What Your DREAMS Mean

This Is What Your DREAMS Mean

Did you ever wake up from a nightmare or weird dream and ask yourself “What do my dreams mean?” The Richest is here to explain them so you can get back to sleep.
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Whether your brain is conjuring up your sweetest dream or your darkest nightmare, we all imagine things in our head while we sleep. But whether we actually remember them the next morning is a different story. While we all have unique life experiences, the subjects inhabiting our minds as we journey through the different cycles of sleep are more common than you might realize. So join TheRichest as we take you through some symbols and visions that you might experience from your REM cycle to your waking state. We’ll explore why your dreams manifest from your daily life, we’ll talk about sleep paralysis, and we’ll explore why dreaming about falling from the sky may be more connected to facts about your life than fiction. The thought bubbles in our minds are often more real than the text bubbles on our phones, and we’ll confirm why you don’t really see cell phones in your dreams either.

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