Trump urges New York Times to release identity of anonymous source

Trump urges New York Times to release identity of anonymous source

The White House has a list of a dozen suspects who may have penned a New York Times op-ed that trashed President Trump, according to the paper, as the furious mole hunt continued Friday. Ideas under consideration include lie detector tests and forcing senior officials to sign sworn affidavits. Trump has slammed the anonymous New York Times op-ed as an act of ‘treason’ and has vowed to unmask the senior administration official behind the essay that questioned his leadership style. ‘The Times should never have done that because what they’ve done, virtually – it’s treason. You could call it a lot of things,’ Trump said after arriving in Billings, Montana on Thursday ahead of his rally. Trump speculated about who might have written the piece but admitted that he ‘can’t discredit’ the turncoat ‘because you don’t know who they are.’ It came soon after Trump suggested he would put muscle behind the efforts to identify the official who broke ranks to claim in the op-ed that a ‘resistance’ of aides is trying to subvert the president’s worst instincts for the good of the country. The culprit could be a non-Republican lurking in his administration, he suggested, or ‘it may be a deep-state person that’s been there a long time.’ Senior aides scrambled to disown the column that slammed the President’s leadership style as impetuous, petty and ineffective including First lady Melania Trump, Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence. 

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